• Film directors:
    • Christophe Ali
    • Nicolas Bonilauri
  • Actors:
    • Nathalie Baye
    • Malik Zidi
  • Genre:
    • Drama
  • Duration: 87 minutes
  • Language:
    • French
  • Nationality:
    • France
  • Sound: 5.1
  • Script: Christophe Ali, Nicolas Bonilauri, Philippe Blasband, Jacques Sotty
  • Producers: Tom Dercourt, Sophie Erbs, Patrick Quinet, Donato Rotunno
  • Production Companies: Cinémadefacto, Tarantula, Artémis productions, RTBF, VOO, BE TV
  • Status: Completed

As he is driving his wife to the maternity ward, Thomas runs over and kills a young man on the road. Marie-France, the mother, will not get over the mourning of her lost son. Nine years have passed. Marie-France has become Thomas' secretary and dangerously starts to interfere into his life, with one idea in mind: to get closer to his son...

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